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The book of Ephesians exalts the new life we have in Christ and the spiritual bank account of the believer. Life in Christ produces a new relationship with God and with others which affect the way we interact with other Christians, our families, and unbelievers as well as the way we fight the Enemy. We can draw from the our heavenly bank account unsearchable riches of grace for any spiritual need in order to grow in Christ.


The story of Boaz the redeemer echoes the redemption story of mankind. The book of Ruth shows us that we can rest in God's providence and the knowledge that our redemption is His alone to fulfill. We are so precious to Jesus that He would pay the ultimate price for our redemption.        

The Gospel of John LIFE TOGETHER.png

As we are introduced to the gospel of John, we are called to believe on Jesus Christ and in so doing, we choose life. The life that Jesus brings is different to that which we biologically receive when we are born; this "eternal life" is described as one that overflows with goodness to others, that is full of blessing and joy. We experience this life by both choosing to believe in Christ and continuing to believe in the days that follow through death's dark veil to the next.        


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